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Video Games Ethics Essays

Video Games Ethics Essays Video Games Ethics Essay Video Games Ethics Essay The list of ethical concerns by Leigh Alexander touch on some areas which include a restriction on developers not to produce games associated with sexuality or politics thus violating the rights of developers, women becoming the subject of harassment by the quick growing video game industry. Next is the lack of legal framework to protect the copyright for small developers, publishers angry for video contents thus showing materials of promotion just as news. There is also exploitation of laborers through prolonged working hours as presenters of video productions, ethical violations along the supply chain of video game productions, others boldly accepting payments for video game adverts that are known as sponsored reviews. There is also the issue of unethical practice of hiring workers which do not value developers of video games at all. There is also the idea that developers of video games buying are using weapons from manufacturers which they use in three-dimensional design productio ns. This creates trouble regarding relationship between arms manufacturers and video game producers. Finally, the buyers of video games have no right to own what they buy to the extent of not able to play then later on (Garry, 2016). The ethical concerns as portrayed by Leigh can, therefore, be described as a problem and negative effects of information technology in the society due to technology misuse. The main problem that seems apparent in this case is the misuse of technology to infringe both the rights of other video game producers and consumers regarding violent video games. The large scale video game producers take advantage of legal loopholes to illegally exploit the small-scale video game producers. The employed workers in the area of production are also are also abused regarding their rights to work for the acceptable time limits. The entire discussion is all about answering the questions of moral philosophy and the sector of information communication technology on political, social and ethical norms of the society which all seem to be a compromise (Garry, 2016). My kids should know that am their parent and I provide all necessary things they want in their life including food and clothing. Other kids outside their have no one to do this since their parents are either dead or miserable. They should understand that such kids have to provide for themselves, and the only way to do this is working in such harsh environment. The kids should know that their fellow kids have no one to depend on to and that is the reason their colleagues are being forced to work. References Garry Young. (2016). Ethics and Information Technology, Volume 17, Number 4, Page 311

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Vietnam War & Films Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Vietnam War & Films - Essay Example Rambo, a United States’ veteran from the Vietnam War, comes back to America and finds out that â€Å"for him nothing is as it used to be before the war† (Anderegg, p. 83, 1991). On a journey on the lookout for a military friend, he notices problem with a small city sheriff. Rambo is at first harassed by the sheriff and detained on fake blames of vagrancy. He works impulsively, overcomes all the protectors and escapes. Rambo has been working in a labor camp detention center when his former commander visits him and offers the opportunity to be freed from detention, but on condition of him going into Vietnam to look for American prisoners of war. Rambo meets an American civil servant who is in command of the operation and he informs Rambo that the American community is requiring information regarding the prisoners of war and they would like a skilled commando to step in and search for them. Rambo received the notice that he should only take pictures of the prisoners of war and not to save them, nor is he to involve in any opponent armed forces. Rambo unwillingly gives consent and he is subsequently told that a representative of the American government will be present to receive him in the ruthless situations of Vietnam. America has modified its perceptions about the Vietnam War and veterans of that war. By the year 1977, no one even likes to speak regarding Vietnam. From 1977 until 1980, a ‘whole bunch’ of actually excellent films on the subject of Vietnam War was released, and all of a sudden, it was justifiable. At the moment, it is acceptable to be a Vietnam veteran. Two of the early movies that cause the alteration in opinion were ‘Missing in Action’ and ‘Rambo: First Blood Part II’. ‘Platoon’ was the earliest of five key movies concentrating on the personal account of veterans about warfare's incidents. That was a year of self-assessment as well as understanding of history. It was a straightforward public acceptance of defeat during a 20 years old combat. Platoon (1986) and Full Metal Jacket (1987) symbolize a number of of the most excellent Vietnam films and each of them criticized the war from a special point of view. The proliferation of th ese films overlapped with the administration of Ronald Reagan, a Cold Warrior determined to finish the confrontation with the USSR. Vietnam films may have been aggravated by the need to remind Americans of the pointlessness of battles like Vietnam that started as a result of hopeless apprehensions of socialist growth. Nevertheless, most Americans during the 1980s had place Vietnam behind them, concentrating on creating nationwide as well as individual prosperity. Rambo arrives at the Vietnam soldiers’ camp, and in opposition to his briefing, he locates American captives there and releases one of them from a temporary crucifixion. Subsequent to his break out, the camp's Soviets, as well as Vietnamese soldiers are sent to try to find him. Rambo gathers his weapons, and by means of guerilla fighting approaches, is able to destroy a huge number of opponent military forces. He continues to a small rival camp and annihilates it along with quite a lot of vehicles. The movies that fo llowed near the beginning of 1980s created a mythic Vietnam: the revenge movies about

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UNs Declaration of Human Rights Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

UNs Declaration of Human Rights - Essay Example In actuality, AI annual report documented extrajudicial executions in 61 countries; judicial executions in 28 countries; prisoners of conscience in at least 63 countries; cases of torture and ill-treatment in 125 countries and human "disappearances" in 30 countries. However, Amnesty International believes that the true figures for all these statistics are much higher. The Amnesty International further informed that even though governments have adopted the rhetoric of human rights via the UN’s UDHR, only a few have delivered this into a reality. Amnesty International deemed that there is much that governments can and should do: They can ensure that workers are protected from the worst forms of exploitation; they can combat impunity which is the poison that allows human rights violations to spread, to recur or to re-emerge; they can stop attacking human rights activists; they can, and must, live up to their human rights obligations. Reviewing its origins, the UDHR became the bas is for several human rights treaties, including two Covenants on Political and Civil Rights as well as Social, Economic, and Cultural Rights. This is probably why international human rights advocacy groups have emerged in the 1960s (Amnesty International) and 1970s (Human Rights Watch) to scrutinize the UDHR as the basis of their activism. In contrast, the international community entirely ignored the convention against genocide until the early 1990s. During this time, numerous instances of genocide passed without an international response.

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Demat Account Essay Example for Free

Demat Account Essay I would like to thank my Branch Manager for being a support throughout my Project work. Mr. Deepak Chaudhary has always encouraged me to stay focused towards my project no matter what the conditions are. I have furthermore to thank my respected Project Guide Dr. Renuka Sharma who gave and confirmed this permission and encouraged me to go ahead with my Project. She always guided me in the right direction whenever I asked her for help. I would also like to thank God for giving me the patience throughout my project and my parents who supported me and helped me in all ways. Without all, I could not have successfully completed my project properly in time with adequate data and relevant substance in it. Thanking you, Mehak Mehta CUN120550046 3 Executive Summary This project is about creating a portfolio product that would help Angel Broking. We all know that stock market is a risky investment alternative for all but it is good if investor can make money out of it. The regulatory body for the stock market is SEBI who controls all the activities of the market on daily basis and try to do transaction in a legal way so as to avoid the scams and to protect the interest of the investors. Now days there are many Portfolio managers and Fund managers who invest on the behalf of the investors and they assured them fixed rate of return on their investment in a particular period of time. They all applied various kinds of model to measure the risk available in the market and the tools to manage that risk. There are various kinds of risk which is mainly categorize in two parts 1. Macro level risk 2. Micro level risk I. Macro level risk :- It consist of Systematic and Unsystematic Risk. Systematic risk is that which cannot be reduced but Unsystematic risk can be controlled. Micro Level risk:- It consist of various kinds of risk which are prevailing in the market like Business risk, Market risk, Liquidity risk, Exchange rate risk, Financial risk, Currency risk and Country risk The above are the broad categories of the risk in the market. As we can see from the recession that the global markets also have their impact on the Indian market because now a days companies are doing business at global level so the market of one country can affect the market of other countries also. So we cannot avoid the risk but we can manage the risk and minimize it. In my project I have done the same thing by applying the various models or tools which are helpful to manage the risk while doing an investment. Purpose/Objective of the study:? ? The purpose of the study is to give a portfolio product to Angel Broking as per the needs of the population of Ludhiana region. Endeavour to create wealth over the medium to longer term through investments in equities, across market capitalization by focusing solely on the following:? To measure the risk available in the market, taking into consideration the Nifty 50 stocks. To look deep into the fundamentals of the companies as well as the concerned industry. ? To calculate the expected return from the shortlisted stocks as well as from their concerned industry. ? To measure the risk/reward value of investors’ assets class choices 4 Research Methodology Used in the Project:Type of research project is Descriptive and Exploratory. To make a research project we need to see that whether there would be scope of this study or not, because if our study is not having scope then the whole work done will not be effective. The scope of this study is there in the market because in today scenario everyone looks for the safe and risk free return but they don’t know how to manage the risk which is there in the market so by the help of this study and after seeing the relevance, the Financial managers or the investment companies can take benefit out of it. Because by this they will come to know about the tools to manage the risk and they will be able to sell more investment products because by using it they will be able to give safe return to the investors which will lead to an increase in their goodwill in the market. Methodology used to making of this project is Descriptive research design. Once we decide with the type of research design we need also to know about the collection of data. I have used the secondary method to collect the data from the market. For this purpose different websites are being search out for the relevant information for making the project and various research paper and articles were also studied so as to get reference from those articles. Once I am done with the data collection and fundamental analysis, I then need to apply the tools. In my project I have used mainly four tools BETA, CAPITAL ASSET PRICING MODEL (CAPM), STANDARD DEVIATION and SHARPE INDEX. Sharpe Index tells us the excess return we can generate from the investment. Beta tells about the volatility of the risk. CAPM tells us about the Expected return on the stock, and Sortino ratio tells us that out of the stocks which are giving negative return which will be the stock that will give positive return in near future. Thus by applying all these models we come to know that we can also minimize our risk but for that analysis should be done so as to enjoy the safe return on the investment. Findings:- After applying all the above models I have come to know the Beta of my portfolio, expected return that my portfolio will generate. CAPM help us to know that how much would be expected return on the stock and then we can compare the actual return with the expected return and invest accordingly. Beta helps us to know the volatility of risk in the market and then we can do risk return tradeoff so as to invest in best stock as per our analysis. And Result of Sharpe ratio helps us to compare with the expected return and then do the Sortino ratio if required. 5 Table of Contents I. Introduction to the corporation. Business carried on by parent company and group companies along with brief history, promoters vision Introduction to the parent firm Main competitors Number of employees Organization Structure Study of functioning of all the departments of the company SWOT Analysis Financial Statement Analysis Trend Analysis Strategies adopted Profitability Analysis Review of Literature ? ? ? Review of articles Need of the study Objectives of the study III. Research Methodology adopted IV. Details of actual work undertaken V. Interpretation Analysis VI. Conclusion and Suggestions ? ? VII. Findings of the study Recommendations of the study Glossary VIII. Bibliography 6 Chapter-1 Introduction to the corporation and company 7 Business carried on by the parent company 8 Angel Broking Registered Office Corporate Office G-1, Ackruti Trade Center, Road No -7, 6th Floor, Ackruti Star, Central Road MIDC, MIDC, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 093. Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 093. Tel: (022) 2835 8800 / 3083 7700 Tel: (022) 3935 7600 9 About the company Angel Brokings tryst with excellence in customer relations began in 1987. Today, Angel has emerged as one of the most respected Stock-Broking and Wealth Management Companies in India. With its unique retail-focused stock trading business model, Angel is committed to providing ‘Real Value for Money’ to all its clients. The Angel Group is a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the two leading Commodity Exchanges in the country: NCDEX ; MCX. Angel is also registered as a Depository Participant with CDSL. Vision To provide best value for money to investors through innovative products, trading/investments strategies, state of the art technology and personalized service. Motto To have complete harmony between quality-in-process and continuous  improvement to deliver exceptional service that will delight our Customers and Clients. 10 CRM Policy. A Customer is the most Important Visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us, but we are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so. † Mahatma Gandhi Business Philosophy ? ? ? ? Ethical practices ; transparency in all our dealings Customers interest above our own Always deliver what we promise Effective cost management Quality Assurance Policy We are committed to providing world-class products and services which exceed the expectations of our customers, achieved by teamwork and a process of continuous improvement. 11 Evolution of Angel Group ? MR DINESH THAKKAR, CHAIRMAN ; MANAGING DIRECTOR, ANGEL GROUP, started this Journey as a SUB-BROKER in 1987 with 3 Employees and 25 Clients. 1997-2003 ? Dec’97: Incorporation of Angel Broking ? July’98: Angel Research Division started ? Mar’02: Web-enabled back office software developed 2004 ? Apr’04: Incorporation of Commodities Broking ? Sep’04: Launch of internet trading platform 2005 Awarded prestigious â€Å"Major volume driver† award 12 2006 ? ? ? ? Jul’06: PMS function launched Sep’06: Commences MF and IPO distribution Oct’06: Awarded â€Å"Major volume driver† award Dec’06: Crossed 2,500 business associates 2007 ? Oct’07: â€Å"Major volume driver† award for third consecutive time ? Nov’07: Crossed 1. 5 lakh mark in DP account ? Dec’07: IFC acquired 12. 35% stake in Angel Group 2008 ? ? ? ? ? Jan’08: Commences insurance distribution Feb’08: Ranked 1st by NSE for Registered intermediaries May’08: Third party distribution business ramped up Sep’08: Ranked 1st on NSE for largest sub-broker network Major volume driver† award for the 4th consecutive time 2009 ? Jan’09: Ranked 1st on NCDEX on the basis of turnover ? May’09: Awarded the â€Å"Best Retail Broking House† and the â€Å"Broking House with Largest Distribution Network† by Dun ; Bradstreet ? Two Analysts won the ET Starmine Analyst Award ? â€Å"Major volume driver† award for the 5th consecutive time 2010 ? Nov’10: â€Å"Major volume driver† award for the 6th consecutive time 13 2011 ? Mar’11: Awarded the Best Contribution in Investor Education ; Category Enhancement of the Year – Angel Broking Ltd and Broker with Best Commodity Research of the Year Angel Commodities Broking Pvt. A very strong and dedicated Research and Advisory desk. ? One of the highest success ratios in both technical and fundamental calls. ? An excellent IT infrastructure in place with over 18144 trading terminals and 610 VSATs with a server uptime of 99. 9%. ? 100% Retail centric focus and total commitment towards retail customers. ? Some of the best fund managers running our Portfolio Management Services to enable clients to minimize their risk, enhance return and diversify their portfolios. ? Training Programs to upgrade the knowledge base ; competency levels of our employees, channel partners ; even our end customers. Understanding client’s risk ; return profile Offering the right blend of sector and stock exposure Giving dedicated Investment Advisors Giving a choice of different schemes to suit every individual investor preferences Catering to Individuals, HUFs, Corporate, NRIs, Trusts ? Angel Commodities ? ? ? ? Personalized services through branches ; regional hubs Trading ; Relationship Mgmt. Services in Bullion, Base Metals, Energy ; Agri. futures Opportunities in hedging ; portfolio diversification, speculation ; arbitrage Training ; Educational Seminars on Commodities ? Angel Currency Futures ? ? ? ? Comprehensive coverage on Currencies (‘Rupee’ to ‘Euro’, ‘Dollar Index’ to ‘Yen’). Reports covering in-depth fundamentals of the currencies. Latest economic data releases with their likely impact, along with â€Å"Technical levels† Comprehensive reports on currencies ideally suited for any investor / trader. ? Angel Gold ? ? ? ? Personalized Investment Advisory Portfolio Restructuring ; Continuous Monitoring Guidance from Experienced Research Team Periodic Group Meetings with Investors. ? Specialized Products Margin Funding ? Facility to allow clients to take higher exposure 20 ? ? ? Instant Liquidity for Clients Margin is deposited in Cash as well as Collaterals Enabling Clients grab Earning Opportunity Pre-Paid Brokerage ? ? ? ? ? ? Zero Account Opening Charges Attractive Brokerage Rates Free DP AMC for 1 year Assured gifts worth thousands with every account Easy ; Fast Recharge Free Financial Investment Application with every account ? Depository Services ? ? ? ? ? No physical instruction required for the client’s sell obligations Lowest transaction charges in the country Acceptance ; execution of instruction on fax A combined monthly ‘Bill-Transaction-Holding cum Ledger’ statement Efficient pledge mechanism ? Value Added Services Request response SMS Example – DP Holding, Pool Holding, Ledger update etc ? Insurance ? ? ? Products to meet the triple objectives of risk coverage, investment and tax planning Assessment of your Insurance needs after proper risk profiling A wide array of individual life cover plans to meet your Protection, Savings and Retirement needs ? Mutual Funds ? ? ? ? ? Tie- ups with all major AMCs Dedicated Relationship Manager for Business Partners Exclusive MF Research Reports by Angel (Daily/ Weekly/Monthly Mutual Fund Reports) MF Portfolios as per Investors Financial Goal Common Gateway for all Mutual Funds related queries ? Loans, IPO and Fixed Deposits Products distributed by Angel include: Unsecured Loans ? Personal/Business Loans/Credit Cards Secured Loans ? Home Loans/ Loan Against Properties ? Loan Against Securities / Gold IPO – Distribution, Advisory and Helpdesk Fixed Deposits NHB Term Deposits 22 Distribution Model Short form Full form Details CSO Central Statistical Organization Mumbai RO Regional Offices 24 Branches Branches 190 SB Sub-Brokers 10000+ Clients Clients 1900000+ 23 Business carried on by the particular firm 24 Angel Broking Regional Office. Rewards ; Recognition 27 E-broking Unique Online Trading products customized to suit different Investment / Trading needs – ? ? ? Angel Investor Angel Diet Angel Trade Back-Office Online Client Details includes – ? Ledger balances ? Cash Deposits with Angel ? Securities Holdings ? ? Charges levied/paid in the client’s account Last auction / close-outs effected ? DP Holding for the last 3 transactions 28 Advisory Intraday calls BTST calls Long term calls Angel Trading 29 Positional calls Main Competitors Major players in the region are as follows:- 30 History of broking firms Brief history of some broking firms – The birth of Karvy was on a modest scale in 1981. It began with the vision and enterprise of a small group of practicing Chartered Accountants who founded the flagship company, Karvy Consultants Limited. ? They started with consulting and financial accounting automation and carved inroads into the field of registry and share accounting by 1985. ? Since then, karvy utilized its experience and superlative expertise to go from strength to strength, to better their services, to innovate, diversify and in the process, evolved as one of India’s premier integrated financial service enterprise.

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The Boomerang Effect in our Modern Times Essay examples -- Foreign Pol

The Boomerang Effect in our Modern Times Reason, I sacrifice you to the evening breeze. Aime Cesaire    I agree with the assertion that Aime Cesaire  made on  Discourse on Colonialism  that the process of colonialism inflicts a â€Å"boomerang effect† on the colonizer. It is important to determine that colonialism is defined as â€Å"a practice of domination, which involves the subjugation of one people to another...† by the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Aime Cesaire prefers to define colonization as what is not: †¦neither evangelization, nor a philanthropic enterprise, nor a desire to push back the frontiers of ignorance, disease, and tyranny, nor a project undertaken for the greater glory of God, nor an attempt to extend the rule of law.(32) Cesaire’s words are aware of the European voices that excuse the horrors of colonialism behind the lie of bringing civilization to the savages. But colonizers didn’t know that they were planting the seeds of hate, the roots for fantastic tales about superior races and skin colors. Inevitable, the colonizers found themselves oppressed by the same savagery that they had tolerated during the colony. Historically, the process of colonization was almost the same for any region since the discovery of the so-called New World in 1492. The king sends an ambassador to the new territory. The ambassador negotiates with local powers and other foreign power the borders of the new colony and establishes a central office as the new administrative power. This new office was in charge of the caudation of taxes, managing the army and giving justice. After some years the foreign power absorbs local powers thanks to its technological and military advances. The process to achieve domination is characteristic by ... ...ith the â€Å"creativity† of the â€Å"ocuppys†, and the city said that in general there were not incidents to report, more than 200 people spend the night in jail just to think different. The brutality that U.S. accused the Taliban to promote now is promoted by this country. The boomerang is coming back. Bibliography A Poetics of Anticolonialism. Robin D.G, Kelley. Monthly Review Press. New York: 2000. Book. Aimà © Cà ©saire."  London Independent  (19 Apr. 2008): 46. Rpt. in  Contemporary Literary Criticism. Ed. Jeffrey W. Hunter. Vol. 280. Detroit: Gale, 2010.  Literature Resource Center. Web. 6 Mar. 2012. Contemporary Literary Criticism.  Ed. Jeffrey W. Hunter and Deborah A. Schmitt. Vol. 112. Detroit: Gale Group, 1999.  From  Literature Resource Center. Discourse on Colonialism. Aime Cesaire. Monthly Review Press. New York: 2000. Book.

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Tccc Business Strategy

This report is centered on research of The Coca Cola Company (Global) in the carbonated beverage market. Various methods and models of analysis were used in examining the company’s market position and determining its strategic competitive advantage. The Pestel model and Porter’s five forces model was used to identify the company’s opportunities and threats. The barriers to entry in the carbonated beverage market are really high which means that the threat of other companies successfully entering into the industry is low and this has been a big advantage for the company. Brand loyalty is another. People today in general are becoming increasingly aware of a healthier lifestyle in light of new information regarding nutrition and this has been a major threat to the company and the market in general. The Company’s strategic competitive advantage stems from its three main core competences. The manufacture and distribution system of its beverages (products), branding through marketing campaigns and the innovative nature of the company in its market are all major strengths. One thing special about the company is that it uses its resources in a way unique to its competitors and consumers see value in their product. The Coca Cola Company understands the clout of their stakeholders and they have set their strategic objectives to meet their individual demands. This message has been firmly implanted in the company’s mission statement. Coca cola competes on the basis of value added for customers. People will pay the premium over lesser brands for the coca cola product and this may be why they have chosen (from Porters model) a differentiation strategy. This has paid off for them. Their manufacturing and distribution system has been an effective business level strategy. The Coca Cola Company and its bottlers can work together to determine local responsiveness and produce products that best suit the local tastes in that particular geographical area. Amongst other business level strategies these two would have to be the most effective. The companies structure and systems lend there hands to the successful implementation of their planning. Without which it might not have its position within the carbonated beverage market today. Strategic Analysis External Analysis We looked at the external environment of the carbonated beverage industry using the pestel model and Porter’s five forces model to find the key trends or influences on the industry. People today in general are becoming increasingly aware of a healthier lifestyle in light of new information regarding nutrition. People are trying to eat and drink a lot healthier and as a result there has been an increase in market demand for drinks such as orange juice, water, and other healthier alternatives. This was once a threat to the business of The Coca – Cola Company. Instead they eliminated this threat through product diversification. As you may have seen The Coca – Cola Company has a product from most drink categories. The barriers to entry in the carbonated beverage market are really high which means that the threat of other companies successfully entering into the industry is low. Virgin once tried to enter into the industry with Virgin Cola and was unsuccessful because Coke and Pepsi were already too strong. The Coca Cola Company has already well established brand awareness and distribution channels and the production costs are also substantial in the industry. Creating brand awareness and achieving market acceptance is a very costly procedure, extensive market research needs to be undertaken to understand local tastes and preferences. The Coca Cola Company has arrangements with certain Fountain Outlets (MacDonald’s and Subway) who are contractually obliged to distribute only their drink product. There are many other fountain outlets that have existing contracts with one of the soft drink companies and this makes it harder for new entrants. The large quantity of marketing and propaganda has lead to increased brand loyalty and is a major strength for the Coca Cola Company. It has also lead to the brand Coca Cola being perceived as the premium Cola drink. The dominance of Coca Cola can be seen by the failure of the drink Virgin Cola. Because of the limited size of the market, the growth in market share of one brand will result in the decrease of another. The Coca – Cola Company has used the large amount of resources at their disposal to wage competitive war on PepsiCo and other brands and results have shown that they have come out on top. One of the major strengths of The Coca – Cola Company is its sheer size in the industry because of which it can effectively utilize economies of scale. TCCC concentration is on marketing the brand, new product development, researching future venture opportunities and warding off competition. Their operations take place in a very dynamic environment and therefore innovation is vital to their success. Internal Analysis The company as the leading brand of carbonated beverages has a number of core competencies which it utilizes to give it its strategic competitive advantage (SCA) in the market. The manufacture and distribution of non alcoholic beverages The process of manufacture and distribution of Coca Cola products is unique to the industry. The Coca Cola Company has different bottling partners throughout the globe which manufacture and bottle the final product which the end consumer ultimately receives. The Coca Cola Company produces the concentrates and syrups of the products itself and then sells the rights to manufacture the products to its bottling partners. They do not control the policies and programs of these bottling partners, but they do have mutual self-interests and therefore work together to find common ground and take common action in many areas. Through this system they can effectively devise the appropriate strategy for responding to the needs of the local environment. Branding through marketing campaigns The Coca Cola Company has put a lot of emphasis over the years on creating and maintaining its brand name through large scale marketing campaigns. They have effectively used their resources to build a brand that is unique and known on a large scale throughout the world for its quality. This has led to a brand loyalty factor. Innovation: Product, packaging, equipment and marketing Coca Cola is always bringing out new carbonated beverages. Through the use of its resources and technology, it has led the innovation of new, improved, and different soft drinks around the world. A recent example of this from Coca Cola is â€Å"Jianchi† meaning strong inner energy in Chinese, the drink, made with fruit juices and plant extracts and available in three flavors is inspired by ancient Chinese wisdom to enhance the inner balance. The Coca Cola Company has invented a bottle which is made from a blend of petroleum-based materials and up to 30 percent plant-based materials named the ‘plant bottle’. It is a significant development in sustainable packaging innovation. The new bottle reduces carbon emissions by up to 25 percent, compared with petroleum-based PET, and is 100% recyclable. â€Å"The Coca-Cola Company is the first company to introduce a beverage bottle made with recycled plastic has been focused on ensuring the sustainability of its packaging for decades. It has put resources behind creating packaging that is recyclable and investing in recycling infrastructure to ensure that its packages are collected, recycled and re-used†. The Company has built the world’s largest recycling plant with the ambition of reducing costs and the amount of materials in their packaging through recycling. The packaging being lighter will also reduce the cost of fuel on delivery etc. To increase the market for recycled materials, The Coca Cola Company has also released a line of merchandise which is made from 100% recycled material. Overall the innovation of recycled packaging will reduce costs, prevent waste and maximize value over the life of the product and inadvertently adding value to the Coca Cola brand. Coca Cola won the Gold lion in the point of sale category at the 2009 Cannes lion’s international advertising festival with the â€Å"video vendor† being the latest innovation in vending machines. It is believed to create a uniquely immersive experience for consumers. Strategic Directions; Strategic Objectives Vision The vision of Coca Cola â€Å"specifies what the organization could achieve if it performed perfectly† (Viljoen and Dann, 2003:97) â€Å"To refresh the world, to inspire moments of optimism and happiness and to create value and make a difference† Mission The mission statement of The Coca Cola Company has all the elements a good mission statement should have. It specifies the company’s commitment to their shareholders. Their mission is to: Achieve sustainable quality growth, be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be, bring the world a portfolio of quality beverage brands that anticipate and satisfy peoples desires and needs, nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers, be a responsible citizen that makes a difference be helping build and support sustainable communities, maximise long term return to s hareholders while being mindful of our overall responsibilities and be a highly effective, lean and fast moving organisation. |Stakeholder |Salience |Stakeholder demands / needs |strategic objective(s) to address | | | |that must be satisfied |stakeholder demands / needs | |   |   |   | | | | | | |Shareholders |Definitive |High dividends & growth in share |Growth in profitability | | | |price |Increase in revenue | | | | |Financial stability | | | | |Efficiency | | | | |Research and development | |   |   |   |   | | | | | | |Customers |Dominant |Quality products at lowest price |Social Responsibility | | | |socially and environmentally aware |Product quality and service | | | | |Higher level of customer satisfaction | | | | |than rivals | | | | |Research and development | | | | |Focus on the needs of consumers, | | | | |customers, and franchise partners | | | | |Listen, observe and learn in the market | |   |   |   |   | | | | | | |Employees |Domina nt |All employee benefits satisfied |Employee welfare | | | |Clean and safe working environment |Financial stability | | |Friendly working environment |Be a great place to work where | | | |Job security |people are inspired to be the best | | | | |they can be | |   |   | |   | | | | | | |Community |Dominant |Minimal environmental impact |Social responsibility | | | |Support the community |Be a responsible citizen that makes a | | | | |difference by helping build and support | | | | |sustainable communities | | | | |Support charities and community | | | | |organizations | | | | |Research and Development – | | | | |Environmentally friendly products | | | | |Possess a world view | |   |   |   |   | | | | | | |Suppliers / Bottlers |Dominant |Network and communication |Nurture a winning network of customers | | | |Reliability |and suppliers, to together create mutual | | | |Support |and endearing value | | | | |Research and evelopment | |   |   |   |   | | | | | | |Government |Dormant |Abide by the laws and legislation |Abide by the law | | | |governing each county TCCC has |Be mindful of overall responsibilities | | | |its products | | |   |   |   |   | The strategic objectives of The Coca Cola Company are in alignment with the demands of each of its stakeholders. Its strategic objectives are firmly bound within its mission statement showing their commitment to upholding their responsibilities to meeting the demands of all possible stakeholders. Key Strategies – Current Using Ansoff’s product / market strategies model it can be determined that The Coca Cola Company is pursuing a product development / diversification strategy. This means that their aim is to keep distributing new products into the same existing market as well as look for opportunities in new markets. An example is the release of Jianchi a new product made from fruit juices and plant extracts. Miles and Snow’s adaptive strategies model reveals that the company is in the prospector / defender position in the market. The company is a prospector leading change in the industry through creating new products and identifying new opportunities in the market place. High innovation is key in the prospector business strategy. However it could be said that it is a defender as well in terms of the original coca cola product and its position in the Cola market. They are defending vigorously focusing on high quality and creating barriers to entry. Their position on strategy is characterized by stable growth, profits, efficiency and flexibility in a dynamic environment. Their business structure is flat / loose and authority is decentralized within the organization. The high level of innovation can be seen through the company’s marketing at a functional level with the recent release of the new four and a half minute Music Video released by The Coca Cola Company titled – â€Å"open Happiness† which has taken marketing in the carbonated beverage industry to a new level. Coca cola competes on the basis of value added for customers. People will pay the premium over lesser brands for the coca cola product and this may be why they have chosen (from Porters model) a differentiation strategy. In the past the company has focused cost leadership however this sometimes leads to lowered market entry barriers this has led them to a differentiation strategy and a focus on pervasive penetration, preference and price related value. Due to economies of scale Coca Cola has the opportunity to be a low cost provider and undercut Pepsi's prices but from what we can see it chooses the differentiation strategy and distributes its products at a premium. A possible reason why they may not have chosen a cost leadership strategy is that it can generally be seen as a weak competitive advantage. Competitors may undercut you and it is easily emulated as well as difficult to sustain over time. In order to differentiate from the conventional Coke product, The Coca Cola Company has produced / innovated other such products as cherry coke, vanilla coke and diet coke and it has undertaken competitive marketing against such companies as PepsiCo and Cadbury / Schweppes to advertise how their products are so different and better in quality. The Coca Cola Company has employed a strategy which closely resembles a multidomestic strategy. A multidomestic strategy is characterized as being â€Å"orientated towards local responsiveness†, establishing â€Å"semiautonomous national units in each country in which it operates to produce and customize products to local markets†. It does this in a unique way in collaboration with its bottling. Together The Coca Cola Company and all its bottlers form one system called The Coca Cola System. The benefit of this strategy is that The Coca Cola Company and its bottlers can work together to determine local responsiveness and produce products that best suit the local tastes in that particular geographical area. We have seen this strategy in action with the introduction of the Coca Cola equivalent of red bull being â€Å"Mother† the energy drink being release certain regions but not others. Strategic Implementation; General Perspective Evidence of unrealized strategy The Coca Cola Company was set for the acquisition of the Huiyuan Juice business in China around March earlier this year, which looked to agree with their product development / diversification and differentiation strategy. Unfortunately the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOC) decided to decline approval for the proposed purchase. Coke released a statement saying: â€Å"We will now focus all of our energies and expertise on growing our existing brands and continuing to innovate with new brands, including in the juice segment. † The innovation of one of their newest products – â€Å"Jianchi† came approximately around this time. Apart from minor setbacks such as the failure of the Chinese juice company merger and acquisition, the coca cola company has implemented its strategies of diversification and differentiation well and this can be seen in the popularity of their products and their prosperous position in the carbonated beverage market. Key Strategic Implementation Issues Using the Mckinsey 7’s’ model we found that the three major strategic implementation issues that confront The Coca Cola Company is structure, style and systems. Structure The Coca Cola Company has in the past gone through major restructuring of its organization. It has cut out various levels and moved to a more multi-domestic structure. A couple of years ago they restructured their operations in both North America and internationally. â€Å"Not to save pennies but to simplify decision making and expedite the speed in which we can execute†. To this day they continue to refine their business structure. In June 2009 they integrated three core functions for a new business structure: Global Business Services, Global Information Technology and Transformational productivity. This will allow the company to deliver services that are highly dependent on technology and standardized processes to its business units in a more effective and efficient way. Style Amongst the list of The Coca Cola Company’s seven â€Å"values† includes integrity and accountability. Muhtar Kent the current CEO of the company was caught betting against the company’s stock allegedly based on insider information then claimed not to know that his actions were illegal. This does not constitute good leadership and could however be classified as an implementation issue for the company. The style of leadership a CEO shows can have a massive effect on the shared values or culture of an organization. So far there are no further signs of further situations like the one described above by the CEO and the company is continuing to improve. The signs point towards Muhtar Kent redeeming his reputation in the company. Systems The Coca Cola Company has the largest beverage distribution service in the world. With close to 1. 6 billion servings a day consumed in over 200 countries, The Coca Cola Company has had to develop effective and efficient system to cope with the magnitude of the business. Systems are as important to The Coca Cola Company as they are to any business. The distribution system of their products is unlike any other in the industry. It ties in with their business structure closely resembling a multi-domestic organizational structure. The Coca-Cola Company frequently utilizes promotional merchandise to connect consumers with its brands. It is critical that all such merchandise make a positive impression upon consumers. It is important that they monitor quality control not just for their concentrates and syrups but also on their promotional merchandise. The organization of The Coca Cola Company comprises many systems which enable the company to run smoothly. It takes strong successful systems for a company to survive and they can also give a company its strategic competitive advantage. However they must also be monitored and evaluated. TCCC has a triple bottom line approach to reporting and they utilize the balanced scorecard to achieve this. Evaluation of Strategy – Current / Future Efficient evaluation has been implemented through a triple bottom line reporting approach. They understand due to their large public profile they have to maintain a focus not just on financial reporting but also on their social responsibilities and the environment. The balanced scorecard is used in their financial reports based on key performance indicators to measure their performance in implementing their strategic objectives. The message is therefore communicate to their stakeholders through their general purpose financial reports (GPFR). References Textbooks Hill et al. 2007, Strategic Management: An integrated approach 2ed, Wiley and Sons. 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